dinsdag 6 september 2011

Here I am.

I'm sooooo sorry for the lack of updates. I took a lot of pictures but I'm only going to show you those of Lowlands (and even more when I get those from Debbie's disposable camera) and those of the Introduction of the University of Amsterdam. I don't even know how to maintain a blog anymore, it has been so long... However: enjoy!

PS: The photos of Lowlands have a delay... Two weeks ago I formatted my MacBook and with that, I removed all my photos. I didn't check the backup Time Machine made. So I lost a lot of photos. Including those of my USA trip. I cried, cried and cried. A friend of mine came with the brilliant idea to try to get the images back from the memory card of the camera with special software. This worked, I got almost all my pictures back and I'm so happy with them, even though the quality isn't that good anymore. The photos and video footage from our stay in NYC are still missing. Okay, that's all I want to tell about it. I still get upset when I think about it. Anyway; I still have the photos of Lowlands, but not here. So they're coming... Stay tuned.

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