maandag 13 juni 2011

Tag: show your screen.

I've never posted a 'tag' on my blog before. A tag is something you can give or receive, or just copy. I saw this tag at Kittehs Cupcakes and decided to post it as well!

This is my screen. I have this wallpaper since I got my MacBook in 2009. Never really had another one, except for the Snow Leopard wallpaper (which you can see at my screen as well). I like to keep my dock nice and clean. I hate it when people have twenty programmes in their dock: do you ever use GarageBand, TimeMachine or the App Store? The programmes I use the most are in my dock: Finder, Preview, Google Chrome, iTunes, my Downloads and Trash. If I need Word, I'll just type it in Spotlight (cmd + space). I use a lot of keyboard shortcuts (click)! Sorry, I'm a nerd. Feel free to copy this tag!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hee, ja dat klopt. Ik heb laatst aan een fotoshoot van karen meegewerkt. Ben heel benieuwd naar het resultaat!


  2. Haha, een beetje kitsch, maar je kunt het hebben ! :)

  3. i love it <3

    claire, x


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