maandag 28 maart 2011

I want.

I have to study for my Minor English Proficiency test tomorrow, but I don't want to. Things I do want:

- A Levi's short (but I'm afraid none will fit me because I'm not that skinny)
- New shoes (Clarks desert boots, new Vans, nice black booties and many more... Dream on)
- Maybe I want to get my ears pierced again
- More time to do more
- A silver sideways cross necklace
- A new layout for my blog
- A pair of jeans that won't make me look fat
- New clothes (maybe a bit more coloured clothes)
- A parka coat
- A pair of high heels (and then learn how to walk on them properly)
- A new ring (and this one's on his way!)

This list is never complete ;)

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  1. I guarantee that you will find levis to fit you. I think only 43957 pound people cant haha. All those things sound better than studying, but if its just a test in English you'll do great!

    And, I'll be going to New York at the end of August. Eeee I can't wait!


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